Black Womanhood & Black Consciousness




My name is Nakia a.k.a Fire Angelou and I am the founder of Daughters of the Diaspora.

I started this platform to celebrate Black women, past and present, that have not wavered from the assignment. There are many great Black women that have laid the foundation from Queen Nzinga of Angola to Dr. Frances Cress Welsing. I’ll be interviewing Black women in various industries and on various topics relating to Black womanhood including pregnancy, sisterhood, courting, hygiene, nutrition, homeschooling, etc.

Although this platform emphasizes on topics relating to women, it is not from a feminist nor necessarily womanist perspective. It is focused primarily on the collective Black experience. It seeks to nurture the maternal, creative, and warrior spirit within Black women in order to better serve our race.

I will also cover topics that I am interested in including African cinema and literature. I’ll be covering film festivals, directors, actors, curators, and other film professionals. I write in various genres—poetry, playwriting, screenwriting, essays, etc.—and will periodically share my creative work. The world is always teaching us so I’ll be sharing my observations from class in my social commentary section.

Keep learning,



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